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LostAngel - profile picture

my recent Behaviour doesnt make sense to family,I now have to somehow it explain it to them the isolation feeling ect

hi Ive just woke up with a bit of anxiety,the shakes this time and worry cause now a family member is wanting answers from me about my behavoiur ,they havent been aware o ... Read more

Maize - profile picture

Please to meet you

First time contributor, thank you for add. not new to this mental health community. Each day is a struggle but as long as I wake up in the morning it's might ju ... Read more

Lostintime72 - profile picture

When you feel like this is it

So what does one do when you feel like, you're trapped, stuck in a situation with no money, living with someone that is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and you feel like you have t ... Read more

florenceforty - profile picture

In a very dark space.

I feel sad. I remember on the first day of University, in March last year, I introduced myself to this girl on my table. I wasn't interested in her, I was just being ... Read more

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