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Re: rough time

It has very much been a roller coaster for you @Faith-and-Hope hopefully with D2 having a carer, D3 enrolled and S2 working on it the roller coaster will ease abit more.
I really do hope the carer and D2 get along well and its great that you can still keep an eye/ear out since shes close by too.
Sounds like abit of breathing space with mr over west for a few days too.

Weve missed you heaps too πŸ’•

Re: rough time

❀️ @outlander 

Heading off forum now.  G’night x

Re: rough time

Goodnight @Faith-and-Hope ❀

Re: rough time

Hi @outlander 

Hugz Lots and lots.

You have been doing heaps, with looking after pop, kids and horses and yourself.

So much to organise, but you are doing the hard yards.  No wonder you were feeling overwhelmed.  Dont feel you have to post to reassure me, but it was good to see you had replied and been talking to the others.


@Sherry @Sans911  @Hamsolo01 @Faith-and-Hope 

and all


Re: rough time

@Appleblossom ❀

Goodnight and goodnight @Sherry ❀

Re: rough time

Good night @outlander @Appleblossom @Faith-and-Hope 



Re: rough time

I see that you're still awake @outlander . Me too. πŸ˜₯

Cant sleep at all tonight. Brain refuses to stut down. Pillow soaking wet from tears which refuse to be stemmed.  How I wish I was 'normal' with normal reactions to everyday things. Instead of this! Im scared.

Re: rough time

Aw @Sherry im sorry i missed your post this morning.
Im hoping that your getting some sleep now..
Its ok to be scared, and let the tears fall tou probably needed a good release.
Gentle hugs ❀❀

Re: rough time

Hi @outlander 

Nope .. No sleep. Cant try to sleep in today either. Hubby has his CT scans today but needs 4 hour fasting prior. I need him up, breakfasted and medications done before 8.30am  Cant keep doing this. Hi @Faith-and-Hope , saw your support there.



Re: rough time

Hugs @Sherry
You can do it and we are right with you every step of the way. Baby steps and lots of breathing ❀

Morning @Snowie @Faith-and-Hope @Sans911 @CheerBear @Shaz51 and all πŸ’•

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