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Something’s not right

Re: why can't I cope longer?

What a handy tip @Appleblossom, will definitely give this a go. Hope your week has been lovely so far, even though we are barely into the week yet! Smiley Very Happy

Re: why can't I cope longer?

sounds very worthwhile posture @Appleblossom . I've definitely done it in a yoga class or two but didn't know it had so many benefits. Are you going to try to do it on a dialy basis?

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Love your new avatar @Turquoise That is my favourite colour and the image is beautiful Smiley Very Happy


@EOR  @Appleblossom  How have your days been?

Re: why can't I cope longer?

@BryanaCamp I will settle for doing it regular rather than daily. lol


I used to be a lot more disciplined.  At the moment, things are so busy and I am just doing what I can to keep life and the necessaries ticking over.

Smiley Happy

@Zoe7 I had a lovely day.  Went to an session about the Office of the Public Advocate re Healthy Ageing in local library, made yummy Greek moussaka ish meals, went to choir practise, chatted with friends on train.  An old Danish friend from 30 years ago found me on facebook last night, which was really lovely.

Cant complain ...

Smiley Happy

Cheers All.



Re: why can't I cope longer?


@Appleblossom, found a headstand for you lol. Makes me feel cool with all this hot weather  lately... Really good how you do so much to stay on track, even without discipline / routine. Actually, my memory's slipping so bad i'm thinking routine might be necessary.

Should have seen my dog get excited when I put her lead on Smiley Happy - definitely beenbtoo long. 

@Zoe7, you hanging in there? I'm OK thanks for asking. Actually, so quieted within that I don't see the point in seeing psychologist tomorrow. Comes a time in life when even the doctors come across like 12yr olds lol (gotta figure it out myself)



Re: why can't I cope longer?

@Appleblossom  Sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday - very busy but that is sometimes a good thing. Hope today is just as bright for you.


@EOR  I am hanging in there - work is going well so that is a bonus. Sometimes we need a break from appointments - as long as you feel like you can cope yourself then it is okay to have a break occasionally - therapy can get draining and sometimes we do need a break from it all.

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Glad you can have a laugh thinking and posting light hearted things to online friends.  Routine has a lot of advantages. @EOR 

Smiley Happy

@Zoe7 Today I put my hand up for a last minute opportunity for an ostrich encounter. Lovely and Fun. Last night my son agreed to speak to me and made it a long rave, but it was all important for him to say and do, much better than no communication at all.  Shows that there is hope and most important that HE can see there is HOPE.

Its Chicken Tonight .... without the jar... 

Hope you are both good.

Cheers Apple.


Re: why can't I cope longer?

That is so great about your son talking to you @Appleblossom  - a real positive Smiley Very Happy

The ostrich encounter sounds interesting - there is something wonderful about encounters with animals - it brings out our lighter side and does often make us smile - it is lovely that you have had that experience today.

Chicken tonight sounds yummy. I am having mexican spicy mince and vegetables - bought a few things today that were cheap so have enough to get through the next few days. Really waiting for payday next week - will get backpay from the last fortnight where they underpaid me - need that money to catch up and pay a couple of bills and still have enough for my mortgage. I am definitely looking forward to having regular pays again.

Re: why can't I cope longer?

You guys are adventurous tonight, cooking chicken & Mexican. I just had peanut butter on toast & coffee, oh, and pain tablet 'cause I've over done it today, the back Smiley Sad and can't afford to stop just yet. Big job this packing to move... again... ho hum... sigh... Smiley Sad

Hey, cat bought me a mouse today, dropped it at my feet (on the other side of the screen door of cause), he was so proud of himself. I did congratulate him but get the feeling he wants something else for his efforts??. This is the neighbours chipped cat that thinks this is his home (probably because I'm home more), but as much as I think their fascinating creatures, so safisticated and calculating... I prefer dogs. But it was sweet that he can catch mice, better than birds.

It was real nice finding your post replies here tonight @Zoe7 & @Appleblossom,
thank you Smiley Happy

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Ended up not cooking tonight @EOR  Been very lazy and haven't left the couch all afternoon. Going to have an early night as well - need to get enough sleep before work tomorrow. It is quite chilly here tonight so snuggle up in bed will be the best place for me.

I love the story of the cat that really isn't yours coming to visit with a present - although I hate the thought of the poor little mouse being the present.

Toby and Cat have just had their nightime biscuits so they will be sleeping soon too. 

Packing is tiring on it's own but it sucks that you have hurt your back as well. Hope it improves quickly and hope the pain relief helps. Have you found a place to move to yet or is that still a work in progress?

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